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Team Training Resources

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Helping Your Team Members Build Their Marketing Skills is an Essential Part of Being Successful and Being a Leader Online. While There Are Many Ways to Do This and Excellent Programs That Guide You...Here Are Just a Few That You Can Use to Train, Promote and Share With Your Team. 

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Prosperity Marketing System or PMS... is a must have tool to help you promote and train your team members. No matter what their level of experience is this system takes them by the hand and leads them through basic skills needed to work online and then helps them learn to promote and advertise. Several income streams built into this one system.  

Early Bird Social Media is a fun way to help promote your business or program without always having to push a link directly at someone. By sharing videos that are fun, informative, training... or whatever you choose...the sky is pretty much the limit as long as it is appropriate for all audiences. More details there. 

Early Bird Downline Builder gives you multiple ways to advertise your primary program(s) and to promote our income streams should you decide to join. All of these programs are meant to help you build a stable monthly income when you used consistently and by following the training provided. 

Lead Page Plus is one more tool to add to your promotional tool bag. It's easy to use and mobile site optimized. You can create your own capture pages and capture emails using your own autoresponder or use LPP if you do not yet have an autoresponder service. There are templates, customizeable texts and buttons all that's needed here is your imagination. 

Hits Monkey is a Bitcoin based program that gives you advertising credits and bitcoin earning streams. People are building large downlines giving away 1000 Free Hits and you can too! People like "Free" and when you can give them something as useful as Hits Monkey you have a winner! 

BTC Early Birds... You hit the mother-load when you get here. It's all of our team training for all the programs we are promoting, as well as how-to's, rotator's and step by step guides for all that we do. We have weekly hangouts that also take you through everything we do. Think Picks and Shovels. 

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My Viral Links... Traffic Sources are what you need when it comes to promoting yourself, products and offers. You have lots of choices for traffic but I hope you don't skip this one. Lots of ad credits for you to use just for signing up. Check in on our bonuses and gifts too!